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Not to overly simplify it, but effective communication is about helping organizations create meaningful interactions with their audiences.  And that’s what we do. Sometimes that involves using the media or creating social campaigns, other times it’s advertising or email marketing. Often it’s a combination of messages, vehicles and activities that help you achieve your communications goals.

Our process works well within any industry, but we have deep expertise and experience with military/vet populations, healthcare, Health IT, mental health, economic development, labor/workforce issues and B2B technology.

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Strategic Communications
Communications planning isn’t scary and shouldn’t be placed on the back burner.  In the long run organizing your goals, audiences, messages and communications activities together in one place allows you to identify goals and KPIs, plan and allocate resources efficiently, quickly disseminate content and optimize when campaigns are meeting expectations. Our communications planning and messaging suite includes:

  • SWOTs
  • Message maps
  • Audience analysis & persona building
  • Communications audits
  • Communications plans

Content Development & Marketing
Content is King. In a digital age where consumers receive more messages than ever, they also skim more and retain less. A Content Marketing plan will find new avenues for your messages and look at better ways to visualize data, repurpose existing content and create more snackable content for users.  Here’s what we can do to ensure your content reigns supreme:

  • Blog and digital writing
  • Fact sheets & business writing
  • Message development
  • Editing
  • Technical assistance publications, white papers, training manuals
  • Video, podcasts, infographics

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It’s not what you think, but what they think that matters.  Understanding audiences and stakeholders – with their many needs, wants and expectations – is an often overlooked part of the process, but it is critical. Targeted market research will help you be more authentic and better understand the motivations of your stakeholders. See how we get to know you, so your audiences can know you better:

  • Desktop research
  • Focus groups
  • Listening sessions
  • Surveys
  • In-depth interviews

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Media & Stakeholder Outreach
We hear you loud and clear and want to make sure others do too. Positive engagement with the media and key stakeholders is paramount to organizational success. Learn more about how we reach out to get media and influencers to listen to what you have to say.

  • Media strategy
  • Message development
  • Media training
  • Op-ed development & placement
  • Media and blogger outreach
  • Partner development

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Digital Strategy
Standing out online is no longer optional.  We can get you to the front-of-the-line online. A digital strategy ensures that you are optimizing technology-driven communication efforts. We focus on marrying organizational goals with existing and new digital tools you be successful. Here are the services we provide to digitally remaster your communication strategy:

  • Social & digital strategy
  • Influencer campaigns
  • Email marketing and optimization
  • Web content
  • Digital advertising

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Graphic Design
There’s no substitute for good design and our designers are the best. We want you to  be on brand at all times.  Graphic makeovers can be subtle or total game changers.  We can ensure that you always look like the greatest version of you possible. See what our graphic design services can offer you:

  • Video production
  • Branding
  • Publication layout & design
  • Infographics

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