Building Your Anthology

An Anthology is a collection of bests.

Our origin story – right down to our name – centers on bringing the best content, images, strategies and research together to help our clients move their audiences to act.

By unifying messages, marketing, PR, outreach, advertising, research and branding, organizations are more likely to meet people where they are, cut through the noise, and deliver successful outreach campaigns.

Any fan of art, music, design or literature gets excited when their favorite creator compiles an anthology. Your outreach campaigns should bring equal anticipation and excitement. Our research-based approach delivers results for government organizations, nonprofits, foundations, corporate philanthropy, educational institutions and more.

Anthology is a client-first agency.

We believe in aligning with people and partners that are focused on providing and advising vs. transactional doing. We thrive on building meaningful relationships.

As a boutique communications agency, we create an approach that works for your budget and your goals. There is no one-size-fits-all communications strategy – we provide a tailored plan that can adapt as your organizational properties evolve.

Core Values

  • Act with Integrity.
  • Be responsive — to clients, to colleagues, to feedback.
  • Focus on impact and client success.
  • Think beyond yes and no. Big picture matters.
  • Own it. Actions, words, mistakes, opportunities.

Our Process

We understand every client is different – their business is different, customers are different and needs are different. We use a proven process and adapt it to you, to address your needs, personalities, businesses and goals. Whoever you are and whatever your needs, our guided approach is designed to set you up for success.

Research and Define Icon

Research and Define

Our process begins with research and analysis of your organization to develop goals and measurements of success.

Identify Icon


Knowing who you need to reach. You don’t need just any audience but the “right” audience.

Motivate and Engage Icon

Motivate and Engage

Mapping out optimal paths for engagement. More than a message, it’s about motivation and effective calls-to-action.

Implement and Evaluate Icon

Implement and Evaluate

Using strategies and tactics that fit your resources and style to implement a complete solution and track progress at each step.

Iterate Icon


Good communications is never one and done. Iteration is often better than innovation when it comes to growth.