VA Office of Connected Care

Helping the Department of Veterans Affairs Connect Through Internal Communications and External Outreach

For nearly a decade, the Anthology team has supported the Department of Veterans Affairs Office of Connected Care. The main mission of the Office of Connected Care is to find new and innovative ways to help Veterans connect to care wherever they are and whenever they need it. Naturally, one of the most important ways to accomplish this mission is through expansive and strategic outreach to both Veteran patients and VA providers to grow awareness and usage of their health tools and technology.

Our team works across a variety of internal communications and external outreach activities to support this mission. We produce virtual events, manage partner outreach programs, and develop and disseminate training materials, print products, multimedia pieces, and videos for distribution to veterans, clinicians, public and private sector partners, and other members of the VA workforce.

In 2022 alone, the Anthology team ran more than 70 outreach activities and events that reached over 120,000 connections inside and outside VA.

Our internal communications activities include the creation, promotion, and execution of a monthly internal webinar series that reaches more than 100 VA staff members each month. We also run a quarterly awards recognition program to highlight the efforts of VA providers who go above and beyond to use connected care tools in new and innovative ways.

We conduct external outreach every month to over 120 partner organizations, including NGOs, federal agencies, Veteran Service Organizations, and more. We also manage all planning and execution of quarterly live social media events held in coordination with outside partner organizations. Last year these events reached over 100,000 online views.

Anthology has also supported the Office of Connected Care by creating and implementing communications planning, performing media relations activities, providing extensive support for leadership speaking opportunities, and more.

As the role of telehealth has evolved in recent years, our team helped the Office of Connected Care stay ahead of patients’ and providers’ rapidly changing needs. We continue to expand our existing outreach and implement new channels to reach stakeholders inside and outside of VA.

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