De-mystifying PR Jargon

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De-mystifying PR Jargon In Public Relations, as with any other profession, people talk in shorthand and expect you to learn the terms quickly. Here’s a quick guide to understanding the jargon that a communications team may sling your way. Heard When Building a Communications Plan Goal – A big idea you [...]

What is Public Relations Anyway?

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What is Public Relations Anyway? When I graduated from college, with my degree in journalism and public relations I had a cursory knowledge of marketing and advertising. Don’t get me wrong; I had a strong fundamental writing degree, understood PR and was acutely aware of brands and advertising as a hobby [...]

Focus Groups or In-Depth Interviews?

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Focus Groups or In-Depth Interviews? There comes a point in every business when you know that you need feedback on a product, process, idea, creative or a campaign.  Whether it’s from customers, employees, or another group of stakeholders, you want to make sure you receive the kind of qualitative data that [...]