You Didn’t Hear This From Us…

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You Didn’t Hear This From Us… Why traditional PR strategies don’t work the way they used to in the era of Blind Items Long before getting into comms and PR, I had a love for celebrity gossip. Tabloid magazines first, best dressed lists online, Buzzfeed listicles at their peak, I ate [...]

A Lesson In Crisis Communications

By |2023-02-15T19:54:05+00:00February 15th, 2023|News, Strategic Communications|

A Lesson in Crisis Communications 2023 got off to a frightening beginning for football fans, with Damar Hamlin’s cardiac arrest dominating everybody’s news feed. The Buffalo Bills safety collapsed in the middle of a game against the Cincinnati Bengals, and Hamlin’s health occupied all our minds for the following days. High [...]

Elections and TikTok and Misinformation, Oh My!

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Elections and TikTok and Misinformation, Oh My! These days, it feels like the election cycle never really ends. And similarly, the cycle of misinformation online is unending. Whether it’s low-stakes rumors about celebrities or very real conspiracies, most online platforms are full of misinformation. And with its explosion in popularity, TikTok [...]

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