The hottest trend on social media right now is NOT being on social media.

Gen Z is entering their “Unplugged Era.” This approach addresses the addictive nature of the internet and how unplugging from social sites can be extremely beneficial. Despite the constant FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out), Gen Z has decided that it’s time to quit social media and move forward despite living in a device-driven era.  

Here are a few reasons why Gen Z decided it was time to quit social media cold turkey. 

  1. Mental Well-Being  – Social media can be overwhelming and disconnecting for a while can help reduce stress and promote a healthier mindset. 
  2. Digital Detox – This generation decided it was time to recalibrate their relationship with technology. Taking a step back allows you to reevaluate habits and ensure that you have a healthy relationship between online and offline life. 
  3. Increased Productivity – Taking a break allows for time to refocus on personal and professional goals without distractions.

Could you see yourself taking a social media detox anytime soon?