Marketing Strategies That Did NOT Work For Me In 2022

The New Year is here, and many marketers have started developing a new marketing strategy for 2023. It is so easy to gain inspiration from those around you but before you push your marketing strategy full force, I wanted to share some strategies that did NOT work for me in 2022.

Market to Everyone

You should know your brand like the back of your hand, which means you should know your target audience better than anyone else. Whether you’re looking to gain followers, customers, or clients, you should be searching for an audience that aligns with your brand. Do not try to market to everyone. Your brand values should attract the right audience, focus on them and they will pour back into your brand.

Focusing on Sales

Of course, in every investment we make, we look for an ROI. When it comes down to ethics, informing your customer about your product or service is way more valuable to your brand than trying to force them into making a purchase. With great marketing and customer service, sales will come. Your brand reputation is way more important than a single sale.

It Worked For Them So, It’ll Work For Me

We all have seen a successful marketing campaign and tried to mimic it in some form. Truly, there is no secret marketing formula and what works for one brand may not work for another. Never copy other brands’ content thinking you will receive the same engagement. You will be disappointed in the results, and your audience will be disappointed in your lack of originality. Trends come and go which means your marketing strategy should always be evolving. What works for you today may not work tomorrow (Yes, that is how fast things change in the marketing world).

In summary, maintaining positive brand values should always be your #1 priority. Stay on your toes and know that engagement fluctuates and what may be the secret to today’s success may change tomorrow. The biggest advice I could give is to know and build a relationship with your audience. They will let you know what they like and do not like. Build a strategy based on who your audience is and if it does not work today, there is always tomorrow!