Keep Calm and Carry-on

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Maintaining your cool while traveling for work.

As in-person conferences return and the world opens back up, travel is again becoming a necessity. For
most of us, traveling for work was always stressful, and even more so now with added considerations,
company expectations, to mask or not to mask, etc.

It’s a new world, and travel didn’t do any personal growth over the last three years.

Personal note: I’m writing this on a plane in the evening after my 7:44 am flight failed, was rebooked for
a 4:00 pm flight on a new carrier, and now have been sitting on the tarmac for two hours (and counting)
before we get to deplane at my final destination.

So yes, I get it, traveling again is hard. While delays, cancellations, and weather are beyond our control,
there are things that make work travel a little easier, more efficient, and less worrisome.

  1. Carry on…ALWAYS. NEVER check a bag. When traveling for work, you have to have your gear, so
    keep it with you at all times.
  2. Download, download, download – make sure you have you boarding pass electronically, the
    airline’s app on your phone, and double the number of books, podcasts, movies, etc. you think
    you’ll need. This will help you track and stay up to date on your flight, especially since some
    airlines are charging big fees for calls these days.
  3. Charge, charge, charge…please reference the above for why. The last thing you need is to be
    fighting for a lone outlet to keep your devices alive.
  4. Pack snacks! Airports are experiencing worker shortages like everywhere else. In some cases,
    places can’t staff their kitchens, have limited and/or reduced hours. This is especially challenging
    if you have any food restrictions.
  5. It helps to remember someone else is footing the bill and to be mindful of those dollars.
  6. Get comfortable, you might be here a while! So, pull on those pandemic sweatpants, get a
    comfy travel pillow, and use that mindfulness app taking up space on your phone.

Safe Travels!

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