The Case for Astrology in Communications

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Okay, stop rolling your eyes. I can feel it coming just based on the title of this. I’m going to try and keep this simple and practical. I’m not suggesting we start claiming we can tell the future or how to change your personality based on the fact you’re a Libra*. I’m talking about being aware, so we’re better at our jobs.


Mercury in Retrograde

Again. Stop the eye rolling and let me explain. I know you’ve heard it muttered in anguish, but let’s quickly define the term first. According to the Farmer’s Almanac: “retrograde is when a planet appears to go backward in its orbit, as viewed from Earth. Astronomers refer to this as ‘apparent retrograde motion,’ because it is an optical illusion.” [Blah blah blah history] Mercury is known to govern communication and travel.

So, here’s where I start getting into the woo-woo.

If you knew that travel and communication might be a little tough, wouldn’t you want to know and be prepared? Provided you could, wouldn’t it be advantageous to know:

  • when to and not to travel or at the very least avoid long trips?
  • to make sure you are slowing down to be clear with all directions and work?
  • tech issues are likely, so have a bit of patience and plan ahead?

Personally, I would consider knowing all this an advantage. A reminder from ~the universe~ to slow down, check my work, and ensure all my plans are as they should be.

As a communicator, maybe it helps to think of it this way: Mercury in Retrograde is a planning period, work on implementation later.


A new language to know yourself

To understand themselves, some people use the Myers-Briggs as a reference, others think the Enneagram does it better, and now more and more are finding understanding in astrology. If you’re interested in yourself but haven’t yet found someone that resonates – astrology could be it.

How? Glad you asked:

Well, if you understand your chart and know you’re in a time of high anxiety, maybe it is time to plan that trip, or begin wellness strategies that may alleviate burnout.

Maybe you’re worried you’re bored with your job (s/o Geminis*) but what you really need is the flexibility to have shorter but more frequent breaks. Your chart could help you see those personality traits or characteristics, so you know to make those little adjustments that can make a world of difference in your productivity and overall outlook and well-being.

Or have you ever had a day when you’re just feeling off or slow? Did you check to see if the moon was void? Maybe next time you can plan your day differently.


It can help you understand others.

No – not in a “They’re a Cancer*, so plan on them being sensitive” kind of way. The thing about astrology is it only goes so far from an individual standpoint. It gets far more interesting and engaging when you think about partnership and group dynamics. How do you all work together, support each other, and are you all working in your best spheres?

But aside from those individual sun sign distinctions (and I haven’t even discussed moon or rising!) it’s helpful to plan for any strife, and work to combat it. At the time of this writing (Jan 14, 2022) Venus is in retrograde. Besides the obvious one – love – Venus also governs relationships, beauty, money, and values. Now I didn’t attend Harvard Business, but I would imagine today’s entrepreneurs would care about three of the five on that list.

“Millionaires don’t use Astrology, billionaires do.” – J.P. Morgan

Ultimately, take it or leave it. Astrology is a pseudo-science. Some see that as a reason to dismiss it, others see an opportunity to go investigate the parts that can be useful. But even if you’re a cynic, the placebo effect is a real phenomenon and now some of this in your consciousness.

*insert sun sign here

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