Why Does Good Web Design Matter?

Your website is like a mood ring – the colors you display say a lot about you. From the way we perceive color to the importance of tone and contrast for accessibility, the color and design choices on your website are a crucial part of your overall brand.

Why web design matters – beyond color

Beyond choosing the right colors, successful web design incorporates a whole host of best practices. Your website is often one of the first impressions people have of your company, so impactful design choices that make a statement are crucial.

The colors, images, spacing, font, animations, and other design elements all communicate something about your brand and company to the public.

Your website should help customers learn more about what you do, display products if you sell physical goods, provide contact and location information, and clearly showcase what makes your company different from your competitors.

But imagine trying to pull that off with just black text on a white background. Would anyone bother to read it? Even if you make the most compelling argument in perfectly crafted prose, it wouldn’t draw in the vast majority of people enough to stop and read your words. That’s why good web design matters.

What your web design communicates

Just like your content and messaging, your design choices are all communicating different things about your firm. Different colors have different emotional correlations. Some fonts are easier to read than others. And some fonts communicate formality while others are more whimsical (think Times New Roman vs. Comic Sans).

As the internet has evolved, we’ve come to accept certain elements to guide us around online.

  • We like seeing clearly defined buttons that tell us what action to take.
  • If there’s a link within a section of text, we expect it to stand out in a different color.
  • We like text to be broken up by headers and visual elements.
  • We expect to see an easy-to-follow navigation bar at the top of the page.

All of these common choices exist to improve the user’s experience.

So when you’re designing a website for your company, you want to make choices that match both users’ expectations and communicate your overall brand.

Leave it to the professionals

The best way to make sure that your website communicates all the right things through design is to hire a professional. A web design team knows how to balance aesthetics, functionality, user expectations, your specific needs, and more, for the best possible end result. Of course, for small businesses, hiring a designer can be expensive. And not having a website at all means you miss out on tons of potential clients who are browsing online, but while there are quite a few DIY web design services we highly recommend investing in professionals to design your website. You won’t regret it.

If you’re looking to create a new site or update your current site and want to call in the pros, we know some amazing designers who can help with that!

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