Super Bowl Sunday is Game On for Integrated Marketing

What time is it? Game time!

Once upon a time, large ad teams would work diligently in their bubble, creating the perfect commercial for the biggest marketing and advertising day of the year…the Super Bowl.

Yes, sports fans as much as it’s Football Super Bowl, it is also Marketing Super Bowl, where brands fight for their piece of the pie in the coming year.

The Super Bowl is one of the most significant marketing days of the year. However, it is no longer a siloed one-off ad campaign like the Apple 1984 Super Bowl Ad. Companies use it as an opportunity to capitalize on a big event, that everyone watches, to launch their advertising, public relations, social media, marketing, messaging, branding, etc. for the year.

It’s an integrated marketing and PR game. Brands get better ROI, not from the actual Super Bowl ad, but the news media and online social conversation that it generates. Communication pros today need to develop a game plan to compete.

The Game Plan:

  • Practice, practice, practice. Provide media training to spokespeople and ensure they are ready to respond to media interviews and inquiries. They need to be prepared to be on brand and on message at the flip of a coin.
  • Create and read the scouting report. Do your research on your competitors for insights on their marketing plans and prepare to pivot if necessary.
  • Get warmed up. Before Super Bowl Sunday, start building anticipation or buzz – clips, memes, teasers, anything that builds interest around the campaign. Remember the average person needs at least 9 touchpoints before it resonates.
  • Watch the clock. Timing is essential; advertising spots, social media posts, press releases, etc. should all be strategically timed.
  • Provide coverage. Part of the game plan should include assigning team members to track and respond to social media engagements, media requests, etc. Ensure that those roles are clear to limit game time confusion.
  • Look for openings to score. Watch for opportunities to garner media hits and connect with influencers. Before, during and after the game, as the conversation and interest build, there should be a process in place for quickly responding.

There are always going to be winners and losers in the Super Bowl, but having an integrated marketing plan at the ready is the key to competing on game day.

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