10 years old and a barrel of…Authenticity

As you’re reading this, Anthology Communications has turned 10, launched its new brand and new blog. As the owner of this company and the person who has treated it as her baby for ten years, I could be cliché and tell you how hard it has been or how fulfilling it has been (both true) but mostly I’m just in awe of how much has changed. And that I am learning to enjoy the ride.

I started Anthology after a confluence of events.  I was unhappy with my employer because we were missing the mark in client service.  I liked the work, but I was frustrated with the slowness of change in the organization and maybe, most importantly, I was having challenges selling the vision to the large staff I managed.  One of these is hard to overcome, but combined, it seemed like Mt. Everest.  I was an insomniac at 30-something years old.

Here’s the funny part: starting my own business only heightened my inability to sleep, and for good measure, I added some other bad habits along the way.  There’s a lot of lessons learned about falling into classic new business/small business traps –not growing fast enough, taking on work we weren’t good at, managing bullies.  But we have done it and it’s a special thing.

To work at Anthology is to be passionate about communications and research, to laugh a lot; and to suffer rants from the CEO (sorry guys) about a wide variety of topics.  For example, why does Google Docs make it so hard to format a document?  Or, maybe more importantly, why is cilantro in everything?  (NOTE:  restaurant people – stop doing this)

I think anyone who works for us or with us would say I’m a firm believer in collaboration and authenticity. AUTHENTICITY.  Say it, remember it, repeat it.  If you are trying to connect and not being authentic — then I can guarantee your message isn’t working.

Authenticity happens to be why I am often bad cop. I believe in saying no if no is the right thing to say. I care, the team cares and that is the root of our approach, success and (sometimes) failures.  We are likely to talk about a lot of things, but if your organization or brand isn’t open to being authentic, our approach and tone will not resonate.

This blog is about helping you find your voice.  It’s about amplifying our successes and lessons learned and hopefully bringing you the best from the thought leaders we love to read.  Maybe a

We are hoping you stop by to learn and engage, get to know us and consider hiring us.  But also we hope you laugh, relate and share with your colleagues and peers.  You may even get a song recommendation or two.

TEN YEARS!  Thanks for being with us.


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